More School, More Smarts?

This article was about how the governor wants to add more time and days to school. They are trying to do this because they want kids to get a better education. They think that kids will behave better and not be in the usual trouble they be. They say with more time kids will have higher standards.

I feel that is wrong because after school is over is the time that kids get to relax and so do the teachers. We and them don't want to be here in the hot summer when we can be in fun places. We will like to have vacations and have fun. I disagree with staying in school for longer because the way we act in school will not change and it's not fair for the kids that have good grades, might as well have summer school.

I doubt this idea will work because if the kids behave bad during school the same thing will happen if we add more time to school. I will so not want to apply this idea to our school!