More School, More Smarts.?

This article was about how they wanted to give more school to middle school children. In the article they said that in California the Governer Gary Davis spent $1.45 million to add 30 days to the school year for middle school students. It also said that in New York, Governor George Pataki wanted students in school for 2 more hours each day.
I feel that what they said in the article was true. However, I don't agree with the fact that they should add more months of school, or more hours, or even cancel summer vacation. The idea was good, but I still dont agree with it.
I absolutely do not think that this idea would work where we live. I think that because you see how bad kids are now a days especially when they dont get their way. So, if you give them more months or hours of school then they will start cutting and disrespecting even more. Like all work all day or year can be really stressful and will cause them to blow at any moment. Half work and Half play is good so I dont think it will actually work where we live better yet anwhere.