More School,More Smarts?

This article was about how some kids want to have more school and California gov. Gray Davis is spending $1.45 million in middle school.The kids test scores are bad because they lag be hid elementary because they are not getting enough education.The NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani wants to add extra classes on Saturday so that the kids who want to learn more can go and the kids that have bad grades can change and be on there right grade level.In the article it say that are going to put 2 more hours because the students want to stay and learn more even on Saturdays I think that they are making a good deal.
I think that this was a good article because it can help kids get good at school and they can be better at any subject they are failing or want to improve in.I think that know they have everything under control and now the future of the children can be good because they know and feel that they can do anything if they put their brain and mind to it.I that the idea of having less vacation is kind of a good idea because now the kids can work even harder but I think the kids that are failing should stay and have less vacation because they are slacking off and not doing what there suppose to do in school.
Yes I think this would work were I live because it would take the teens and kids off of the streets and into school and have them learn something and when they are older they can be someone and not be a loser on the street because no one would like to be called stupid so if you go to school and learn something no one can call you stupid because you know more than them.I think this would be a good idea because if we were doing that were I live there would be no one outside starting problems and they wouldn't be doing bad things because they have to do homework or even study I think this plan might work were I live.