Our Juvenile Curfew is Working!!

This article was about how teens committing so many crimes and they don't get grounded or anything.So

the mayor decided that he was going to do something to help the community. So he made the juvenile curfew.
if you commit a crime during curfew hours which are(8p.m to 6a.m Friday and Saturday,Sunday through 
Thursday is 11p.m to 6a.m) The curfews hold the parents and the child. The juvenile crime during curfew hours
decreased by 38%. After 90 days overall crime had dropped by 14.6%
I think that the article was really good and I think that the curfew thing is a really good
idea. I know this because that way teen crime will decreased and New York will be a safer and 
better City than what it already is!
I do think that this curfew will work in the Bronx! Well because teens these days 
commit a lot of crimes so these will be better and the amount of teens going to jail will drop!