Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

This article was about how the crime rate in New Orleans was high. So the mayor came up with an idea called the Juvenile Curfew Law. The Curfew law that they made was for those under the age of 17. The Juvenile Curfew Law was to make a curfew the same way a parent would lay down a house rule. This story was mostly about how in New Orleans they felt the crime rate was to high, so they made a new curfew law that helped them with everything an the crime rate decreased.
I think the article was ok, but it was a little complicated to understand.
Yes. I think that it was a good idea , mostly because it worked. I dont think this article would work where we live. I dont think that because where we live is like such a big community and because from my experience and from what I see everywhere I go, if kids did not one to go to this curfew program but were being forced to, they would cut, runaway, or just argue with their parents that they dont wanna go and that there not going.