Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

In class we read an article and it was about a Mayor in New Orleans.  This Mayor saw that New Orleans had an out of control crime problem and it was involving a lot of teens.  Murders and No one feeling safe.  Numbers were increasing and increasing.  He wanted to do something about the problem but he could not do it by his self.  So he made it a community job.  Him and the community developed the idea for a Juvenile Curfew Law.  The rules was applicable for those under 17.

I fell that this is unfair because it is up to our parents for our curfew.  If our parents want us to stay out later who is them to tell us that we can't stay out late that we have to be at a Curfew Center at a certain time.  Like really are they serious.  Any way I will not listen to that law especially if my mom allows me to stay out later than that curfew.

If that law was to come here I think it wouldn't work because I know many kids who stay out way later than that.  Also I think that would not solve anything because those under 17 could still do something against the law in between those ours.