More School,More Smarts

This article was about the government wanting to add more school days and more school hours. It was also about them saying that having more school days and school hours will take away some of our summer days that we have. The article also about how one kid said that this idea was good and the other kid said that they didn't like the idea.
I feel like the article is good but at the same time I feel like the idea is not a good idea because then we have less days to take vacations. I think that there are good and bad reasons. One good reason is that we get to learn more if we was to have more days in school and one bad reason is that we will only have about 2 1/2 months of summer than 31/2 months. While I was reading the article i wondered who would want to stay in school later than we do? I thought that because some kids barley want to stay in school until 3 oclock.
I think this idea will not work where we live because i feel like some kids will be so mad that they might not come to school. At the same time I feel like the system will work but who knows because we havent tryed that yet. The reason why I think this idea or system will not work is because last year we came out of school at 2 something, then when we heard 3 oclock everyone got mad. Then I think that the idea might work because some kids like to stay in school and love to come to school so thats why I feel that this idea might work.