Uh the Fustration these people got nevre!

I wrote a letter about Animal Cruelty and how it bothers me. I used famous people for examples and how I felt about the problem. I am very upset with all of these "I am going to abuse an animal speeches" like I don't get what goes through all of these people heads and how they come up with all these lame excuses on what the dog did and that is why it got hit GET REAL! no one is going to fall for that. I don't know how you guys can find any pleasure in abusing and animal....It's Sick! people go to jail for things like that. I wish I could have all the animals of the world so that they wouldn't have to go through the pain they are going through now.I know that dogs can be bad but they don't need to be tortured. People do change so I hope for the best.