More School, More Smarts?

The article we read today we called More School, More Smarts?.  This article was about how they should make schools around the world longer for students that get low scores should stay in school for 30 extra days to pass.  Also, in New York, Gov. George Pataki wants students to go to school for two extra hours each day and New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani wants saturday classes.  In Georgia, the Henry County school System is considering a year-round balance calendar.  Some 3,000 other schools across the nation are already year-round.  

I feel that the system might cause kids to have more fights in the school.  I think it wasn't a good idea because the kids might not like the system and want to change their school.  I know because kids attend to get tired of having to wake up early, and go to school go home and do it all over again and again.  
I think it won't work because kids might either drop out or go to another school if they don't have the system.  I think that more kids would never come to school or go to a different school because they don't want to come to school for more hours and have to wake early and go to sleep early too.