Blog Post #4 More School,More Smart

   The article we read was about the New York Gov. who was thinking that it would better  for students to stay in school for more hours and days. But students don't want to want to because we want to have fun. The Gov. wants students to stay in school for more hours because he thinks it might help us get smarter as we learning.

     I feel like the article was good but the staying in school for more hours is not good for me because who wants to stay in school until 8 or 7 o clock? I don't think that idea was good because when I go to my house I take a nap,eat,take a bath, watch television,do my homework and sometimes hang outside. I don't to do work, work and more work even though I know it's better for students like me have a good education and future. I know this because education is the only thing we have, and if we have a good education and future students would be successful.
   I think it might work because I know students don't want to be in school for more hours. If students stay in school longer some of them might drop out (which we don't want). I think if this really happen less students would come to school. But I do think having smaller classes would help students learn better!