Juvenile Curfew is Working

This article is mainly about how the mayor came up with a way to lower crime rates. They made something called the Juvenile Curfew Law. Where Friday through Saturday is 11:00pm to 6.:00pm and Sunday through Thursday is 8:00pm to 6:00am. This helped the percentage of crimes (Robbery, auto theft, & murder) lower a whole lot. This is the law ad they will keep it that way.

I feel the article is incredible. It is incredible because I have never seen a law where everyone had a curfew at the same time. I think this is a good idea because this actually helps all those things (crimes) lower down. I know that this is a good idea because ever since the mayor put it that law everything started getting better.

No. I don't think this would work. This wouldn't work because nobody will listen and all those want to be gangsters will still be roaming around the streets. If they gave us a curfew what will happen is that kids and teens and adults who misbehave would ust go along partying and not listen to the law.