More school,More Smarts?

This article "More School,More Smarts" was about how people want to increase the

school hours or increase the amount of school days! There's people that agree with this
idea but there are others that disagree! The Government thinks that more school will
make students smarter. The ones that disagree with this idea say "what about the kids 
that already get good grades they are going to have to suffer because of the Government
and they wont have that much time for the summer since there is many things to do. 
Families think that they are going to cut on the family vacation and more!
I think that this article really made me think. I don't think that this is a good idea 
well because I get good grades in school and I will not want to spend more
days or more hours in school! Well because I want to be able to enjoy my sumer 
vacation I don't want less time of summer!
I don't think that this will work where we live well because that many kids don't like
how long school is already! If we do this the teachers salary will have to increase
and student wouldn't really want to stay in school longer! We want to be able to enjoy
our summer plus many parents disagree with the idea and kids,and parents have
things to do and places to go to!