More School, More Smart

The article I read today was called "More School, More Smart", it was about how parents, teachers, the government and others grown ups think that students should spent more time in school learning then on vacations. The students don't agree with them because they say that "Its not fair for kids with high grades to have to suffer when we could be relaxing in the summer" and even some parents say " Increasing the school year would disrupt family vacations, or eat into time for camp, summer jobs and other valuable activities, critics charge.

I feel that the article is stupid because kids don't want to spent more time in school they want to have some time for vacations with their family and things like that. I think the idea is not good because kids do need to have some fun sometimes and stuff.

I thing that idea won't work in the Bronx because kids have to have some time for other stuff. If they put that idea in the Bronx more kids will start to drop out of school because if kids are dropping out of school now because they think the school year is long and they would start dropping out because it would be longer then what it already is.