Teen Girls Need Self Worh Lessons

      The article was about how now teen girls are out of control. How some girls have babies and they end up killing them. It was also about how they want parents to talk to their kids to tell them to be careful.

        I feel like this article was good and made a lot of sense. I think what the article was saying was a very good idea because some teens do very crazy things and they don't think before they do things. I feel like if parents do talk their kids they probably will listen to their parents or some teens are so hardheaded that they don't listen to their parents when they tell them what to do or what not to do.
       I think their idea will work because some kids do listen to their parents and some kids don't like I said above. At the same time i think the idea might not work because some teens parents don't care about what they child do or anything else. I also think it wouldn't work because some kids might act like they're listening to their parents but they are really thinking about what shoes they are going to wear to the party tonight or etc.