Our Juvenile curfew is working (EXCERPT)

    Today we read an article about a concerned mayor. The mayor was concerned that crimes in New Orleans is getting out of hand. So the mayor creates  a  new curfew system. The system is that people under the age of 17 cant be caught outside 8pm through 6am sunday through thursdaya nd 11pm through 6am Saturdays and Friday's .  The curfew holds the parent and the child responsible. If the child is caught outside past those times the child will me taken into the Juvenile Curfew Center. The parents will then be called and the parent and they child will ahve to report to counseling. If the parents  continues to let their child be reckless they will eventually be fined. 

     I feel that this system was a good idea. The reason  I feel this way is because since the mayor has set up this system the overall percentaga of crime has  dropped 14.6 percent in 90 days. Thats alot of difference in only  a month and a half. The crimes that  dropped the most were armed robbery -29 % , auto theft 28 % , and murder 26 % . 
   I dont think that this system will work in the BX.  The reason I think that it wont work in the Bronx is because no one follows the law in the Bx.  The law says " Its alegal to kill people "
yet again all you hear on the news is about someone getting killed.  The law says " Its alegal to drink and drive " but people drink and drive as often as they take a shower. That is  why I dont think that system will work in the Bx