The article "Teen Girls Need Self -Worth Lessons" was about how girls have changed. 

It also talks about how girls are doing so many bad things that they do this days such as  
giving birth in bathrooms, putting babies in gym bags,shoplifting,robbery,and drugs! 
Also girls slashing another with a razor in a fight over a boy!! Girls need to take pride in
themselves and their self-esteem. If girls don't take pride and respect themselves then 
guys won't respect them either.
I think that what the author is saying is true! Well because so many girls don't 
respect themselves or take pride in their self-esteem. I think that if you don't value 
yourself other people won't. Well they way you act that's the person you are and that's 
the impression that you are giving other people. this is a really serious social issue!
It's girls everywhere not in one specific place! so I think that this affects the world
the behaviour that people see on television,on other people!