Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

  Today I read a persuasive letter . This letter was form a father that lost his daughter to society. He wrote this letter to persuade other teenage girls not to disrespect yourslf and not to become what you see on the media . Leonard ( the father ) is upset about two things. One is that he gave his daughter to much freedom and now he lost her . Two that girls are getting away with being reckless , having babies and abondoning them and donr being punished . In the article he list many that supported his argument but the one thing that stuck by me was "If mant girls value themselves little , many boys ,  I think , value them even less ." The reasont that stuck by me is that I feel that is so true !!! Girls do not value theirselves at all. I see girl walking around in booty-shorts and shorts that are soo short you can barely call it a short. Then a boy calls her out of her name and she starts to blush and is happy he called her that . All I could is why do girl allow boys to call them all those names and they think its cute to be called a S*** or a h** . Why dont girls have self-worth. Sometimes I feel bad that these girls are the future. (lollss) Whils I was reading this letter I could'nt help feel ashamed . Event though I dont walk around have naked and kill babies I still felt ashamed that until I read this letter I didnt consider this as a real problem. This persuasion aritcle really changed my way of thinking !!!