Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

The article I read today was called Our Juvenile Curfew is Working.  This article was about how children under 17 years old go to the Curfew Center and the people that work there have to put down the rules just like any other household.  The parents have to come and pick up their kids and participate in the counseling session.  If they don't come they are issued a court summons and could risk being fined foe failure to keep their children from violating curfew.  After 60 days of implementation, juvenile crime during curfew hours decreased 38 percent.  After 90 days, overall crime had dropped 14.6 percent. Crimes most significantly affected were armed robbery(down 29 percent), auto theft (down 28 percent), and murder (down 26 percent) as compared to the summer of 1993. 

I feel that this system might work if kids stay to committed to work things out.  I think it was a good idea because it probably could get kids to come home early or on time for their curfew.  I know because parents probably tell their kids they can't leave until they come home early.
No I don't think it would work where we live because kids around here they do things by their own rules they don't like doing what people/ their parents tell to do.  I think parents would love the Curfew Center because the want their kids should learn to obey their rules.  However, their kids might not want to go but they have to go.