Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

I think that it was a good idea for them to do that because at least now they have everything under control and now the future of there generation of the future is Ok and then again I think that it is wrong because what happens if a parent wants to take there child out and they are under age but they stay out longer than the curfew hours and when they come home from where ever they went they might get in trouble because of the mayor and his law.I know this because if children under age have a curfew then they might have someone who looks after them and makes sure that they do there curfew hours.
I really can't say if it would work or not because we haven't tried it and we won't know if it would or wouldn't but from the way things are now I don't think that it would work but anything is possible but I really don't think that it will not work because people where I live don't follow the law at all and they would make it into a big problem if they have a curfew and then who ever is in charge of the Juvenile Curfew were I live would wasting there time because maybe only 15% of people would come so I think... and we wouldn't be getting any where .