Yuck we cant be friend's you throw up after you eat !!!!!

Holas !  My name is Asamia and I am in the seventh grade . My class and I have been writing about social issues that bother us . The issue that I chose was Bulimia . Bulimia is an eating disorder that really gets under my skin. I think that bulimia is a problem that is spirling out of control. The thing that really bothers me is that people still think the being bulimic is alright. There are people all over televison that are bulimic or anorexic of has any other eating disorder and all that is happening is that they are becoming more famous. Also I think that people thin throwing up after you eat can help you lose weight which is wrong .The reason that I think this is because when you become bulimic you have more problems then you started with. You have to deal with emotional , mental and physical pain . 

    I feel that bulimia is a problem that alot of teenage girl feel they have to become to be BEAUTIFUL.What i mean by this is that when a teenage girl auditons or try to make it any industry there people who will tell her that she is too fat and that bulimia is the way to burn the fat fast. This really makes me feel bad . I feel bad because sometimes the teenage girl will continue to become bulimic until one day she finds out what she is doing is wrong or the results are deadly.