What's happening today?

       Hey my name is Lisbeth Espaillat, I live in the Bronx, and I'm in the 7th grade.  In school we are blogging about issues are effecting us and our community.  My issue is about women who get raped.  You might think it's whatever, but if you think it's an important issue, it is!  About four out of five young ladies have experienced some kind of unwanted sexual contact before they reach the age of eighteen!  All of these can have a long lasting effect on a woman!  Especially when in America a woman is rape every two minutes! 

  I feel sad and mad when it I think about this topic because, I know some girls and boys my age got rape or even littler then me, and it scares me to know that some rapists are out there raping girls or boys right now!  I feel this way about this topic because almost everyday in the news there's a story about some girl or boy getting rape.