Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

The article entitled " Teen Girls Need Self - Worth Lessons" talks about a Father that lost his daughter to the society. This article was about a girl that wanted to do whatever she wanted to do. Her father did not pay any attention to what she wore and let her do anything she wanted to do. This father wanted to tell people that are parents of females to pay more attention to their actions because they will lose thier daughter(s) to the society like he did. These girls just try to make boys notice them in a inproper way. They want boys to respect them but how can the boys respect them if they don't respect themself or other females. This makes me fell upset because I am a young girl myself and I know I don't behave that way myself and it is because of three things One, because my parents pay close attention to me, two, I have confidence in myself and last but not least I respect myself more than most girls do now and days in this world. This father has a 6 year old daughter and he doesn't want t loose her too.