More School More Smarts ?

  Once again we've read an article. The article was about does more time in school equal more smartness ?Most people agreed that more school does equal more smarts. In the article they claimed that becuase our parents are most likely not home when we get home from school so we are left un-surperviesd. Do to us being left un-supervised we are most likely to get in trouble. They said that longer school days will benefit the kids , the parents and society.

   I think that this is not a very good idea. The reason that I dont think that this is a good idea is because the idea of being in schoold more hours in dreadful. Okay sure being in school more hours will benefit us in education. Why do we need more hours of school ? If we learn all we have to learn during the eight hours that we do have school why do we need more hours ? Middle School is the time when we are suppose to be living our lives  , we're not suppose to always be in a classroom. I dont think this idea will work in the Bronx because teens ditch the eight hours we have of school.  Adding more hours , student will hardly show up because they'll feel its too much .